Adele Wong

Adele’s story is one of international equestrian passion, beginning in Singapore and culminating in the heart of Fraser Valley. Her love for horses has been a constant throughout her life, and she’s transformed that passion into her career.

Born and raised in Singapore, Adele moved to Canada at the age of 10. It was in Canada that her equestrian journey truly flourished. She embarked on her path as an equine veterinary assistant, a role where she provides vital support to veterinarians, conducts various laboratory tests, and attends to the unique needs of horses.

Adele’s riding journey began at the Singapore Polo Club, and since her arrival in Canada, she has been a prominent figure in the equestrian scene. Her competitive spirit has led her to participate in eventing competitions across North America, competing at the prestigious preliminary/CCI2*-L level with her trusted mare, Raffetouille.

When not competing, Adele is found dedicating her spare time to the development of her younger sport horses, honing their skills and nurturing their potential. Beyond the stables, she enjoys the great outdoors, often seen hiking with her loyal dog, Muggles.

Adele Wong’s journey is rooted in her deep love for horses and blossoming into a story of equestrian excellence. Her presence as an integral part of the Horizon Equine team is where her dedication and expertise shines.