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Lameness is the most common cause of decreased performance, and early recognition of unsoundness is crucial to maintain your horse’s current and future athletic career.

At Horizon Equine, we are passionate and committed to getting you and your horse back into performance.  With a strong focus on lameness and sports medicine, our practice combines traditional and integrative medicine with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to deliver a premium range of services.

Assessments & Soundness Exams

Lameness symptoms are just the pain story the horse is telling. Listening and diagnosing the cause behind this pain issue is our passion.

A physical and motion evaluation is key to getting to the bottom of a soundness issue with your horse. Diagnostic nerve blocking, detailed ultrasound and radiograph imaging, video assessment, and gait analysis are tools we use to identify the problem.

With this information, treatment is customized to correct the discomfort, promote healing, and allow your horse to return to its regular work routine.

Lameness Locator®

Advanced, accurate and objective evaluation lets us determine exactly what is happening with your horse’s gait. Computer sensors give real-time feedback on how your horse is moving, which limbs are experiencing pain, and the timing of the stride when lameness is occurring.  Dr. Steve Chiasson has completed training to become Canada’s only Certified Lameness Locator Practitioner.  All veterinarians at Horizon Equine use Lameness Locator for clinical cases, monitoring rehab progress, and getting a baseline evaluation for your horse pre-season.

Learn more about our advanced diagnostics services.

Regeneration Therapies & Rehabilitation Plans

A healing path for every horse

Horizon Equine offers a variety of musculoskeletal joint therapies to support the best long term healing solution. The premise behind all therapy is to alleviate pain, promote tissue healing, and restore normal range of motion and function.  These range from traditional pain-relieving steroid treatments & sodium HA Legend®, to the more commonly chosen options like polyacrylamide hydrogels Noltrex®, and regenerative orthobiologic treatments like PRP, ProStride APS® and Alpha 2EQ.


This therapy uses platelet-rich plasma processed from your horse’s blood.  PRP reduces inflammation, stimulates growth factors, and helps in the healing, repair and regeneration of soft and hard tissue including tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones.


ProStride APS® is a system that harnesses a horse’s own blood to create a potent solution containing cells, platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory proteins.


Alpha2EQ is a cutting-edge system that isolates the Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (α2M) molecule from a horse’s blood. Learn more

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. This includes common conditions such as suspensory ligament injuries, arthritis, joint related injuries, navicular disease, and neck and back pain. Shockwave has been shown to improve the tissue healing quality and has the benefit of quick pain relief.


A technique used to treat neck, back and pelvic problems treating musculoskeletal pain. It involves injecting small amounts of medication to the middle layer of the skin, the mesoderm, with specialized small needles. The purpose of mesotherapy is to stop the cycle of pain and restricted mobility. This treatment modality is a great option for neck, back, and pelvic pain.


Dr. Steve Chiasson is certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture and teaches equine acupuncture with Curacore® across North America. Combined with a comprehensive myofascial exam this treatment modality is used for many conditions such as lameness, neck and back pain, colic, digestive disorders, wound healing, and reproduction.

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