At Horizon Equine, partnering with our dedicated professionals is an ascent toward achieving your absolute best. We envision limitless horizons, and we’re driven by passion and unwavering determination. Our commitment to knowledge knows no bounds, and we constantly push the frontiers of our ‘know-how’ through continuous learning and professional growth.


The North Star guiding our approach

In our team-based approach, every individual holds a pivotal role in shaping both the client and patient experience. Together, we rise to the occasion, ensuring the best possible care and support for equine health.

Explore Your Horizon

Every year, Horizon Equine welcomes students and aspiring veterinarians who come to further their training and gain experience at our practice through our externship program. This program provides broad exposure to our equine vets and the day-to-day of our ambulatory service and in-clinic care, including emergencies and critical care.  Learn More

For inquiries about externships at Horizon Equine, please contact us at care@horizonequine.ca.

Explore Opportunities with Us

While we are currently fully staffed and not actively recruiting, we’re always eager to connect with talented and passionate equine professionals. Introduce yourself by sending us your resume, and we’ll keep your interest on file for potential future openings within our dynamic team. At Horizon Equine, we believe in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for equine well-being. Your journey to broader horizons could very well start here.