Your equine

Veterinary Health Hub

Horizon Equine operates an onsite pharmacy to provide a comprehensive array of medications and pharmaceutical services designed to meet the unique treatment needs of our equine patients.

Prescription Requirements

For most medications, a veterinary prescription is a necessity. Rest assured; Our Equine Care Coordinators are more than happy to assist in refilling medications when a valid veterinary prescription is on file. Should such a prescription refill not be available in our records, our Equine Care Coordinators will work with you and our vets to ensure regulatory compliance and a practical solution.

Empowering Horse Owners

We understand that horse owners are eager to grasp a deeper understanding of their horse’s diagnosis and the medications prescribed. At Horizon Equine, our equine veterinarians are not only eager but committed to explaining, answering questions, and providing guidance. They are available, complimentary, to consult and offer invaluable advice on medication administration, dosages, and potential side effects, ensuring caregivers are well-informed and confident in their role as equine health advocates. The health and performance of your horse, mini or donkey is our top priority and our veterinary pharmacy is a cornerstone in achieving it.

We are happy to refill your horse’s prescription or place special orders.

Call our Equine Care Coordinators (604) 826-5089 at least 48 hours in advance of pick up.