Our Story

Our Journey

In 2024, the veterinarians at Horizon Equine Veterinary Clinic will celebrate two decades of dedicated equine veterinary care.  In our quest for excellence, we’ve strategically evolved into Horizon Equine Veterinary Clinic, an equine veterinary practice entirely devoted to the health and performance of horses. Our journey revolves around customizing our services to meet the unique needs of our clients and their equine companions.

Your Partner in Equine Health

Horizon Equine Veterinary Clinic is your trusted partner for comprehensive equine veterinary care, offering a full range of cutting-edge veterinary services tailored to every aspect of your horse’s health. Our commitment extends to being available whenever and wherever your horse requires assistance, including equine emergencies. We provide in-clinic, on-farm, and emergency equine veterinary services around the clock, 365 days a year. Whether you have a stable full of horses, a sanctuary for minis and donkeys, or a single horse companion in a pasture, we understand that equine health knows no schedule. We bring an unwavering commitment to horses, owners, trainers, and stable managers, always ready to assist when your horse needs us most.

Where Horses Come First

At our equine veterinary clinic, we leverage years of experience and breed-specific training to deliver the highest quality of equine veterinary medicine. We take pride in our ability to cover the full spectrum of veterinary services. Our experienced equine vet team is well-versed in treating various horse breeds and diverse disciplines, spanning the worlds of sports, work, and leisure. We’re here to ensure that your beloved equine companions receive the exceptional care they deserve at our equine vet clinic.