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New Horizons

Open to dedicated veterinary school students in good standing, our externship program at Horizon Equine is your gateway to gaining invaluable experience and mentorship in all facets of a general equine practice, including emergencies.

Our case load predominantly involves ambulatory and in-hospital equine medicine for both performance and pleasure horses. As an extern, you’ll work closely with our equine assistants and experienced veterinarians, immersing yourself in the daily operations of a bustling, hands-on environment, which can extend to after-hours care. From basic chores to biosecurity protocols, treatments, evaluations, case discussions, and procedures, you’ll be actively involved in all aspects of equine healthcare. We believe that externs who join us not only learn extensively during their stay but also experience a wide variety of cases, working alongside different veterinarians.

Gain Practical Experience

Our externship program is designed to provide veterinary students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in a thriving equine practice while they explore their career aspirations and goals. You’ll be actively engaged in daily in-house appointments, ambulatory calls, surgeries, treatments, and after-hours emergencies. We encourage externs to consider staying with us for up to four weeks, although we can accommodate shorter or longer stays based on individual circumstances.

Externship placements align with school breaks, enabling students to assist both veterinarians and veterinary assistants while participating in all general duties. In addition to acquiring essential skills such as biosecurity and instrument sterilization, you may also have the chance to delve into equine sports medicine, including lameness and emergency care, as well as aspects of equine breeding.

Ideal candidates will have completed their second year of a DVM program, demonstrating a strong equine background and a genuine interest in equine medicine. Our externship opportunities are available throughout the year, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Join us and expand your horizons in equine veterinary practice.

All applicants must submit a CV and a letter of intent.

We open to externship applications for 2025.

Get a Glimpse into the Equine Veterinary Profession

Horizon Equine provides a voluntary Ride Along opportunity for high school students or graduates considering the veterinary profession as their vocation. Are you a student with a burning passion for veterinary studies and a love for horses? This unparalleled experience pairs you with a seasoned equine veterinarian, providing high-level exposure to the world of equine medicine.

What to Expect

  • Identify your future goals and interests
  • Gain hands-on experience in horse care
  • Learn essential equine handling skills
  • Work alongside a dynamic veterinary team

Interested candidates are invited to submit a completed application and resume to care@horizonequine.ca.

We are accepting Ride Along applications for 2025 and 2026.