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Shaping Future Generations of Horses

Step into the world of equine reproduction and fertility with Horizon Equine, where we offer an extensive array of services to pave the way for future generations of exceptional horses.

From pre-breeding assessments and cutting-edge therapeutic procedures to the precision of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and advanced reproductive technologies, we’re trusted partners to your breeding success.

Embarking on the journey of equine reproduction is a complex endeavor, with countless factors that demand careful mare management. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art diagnostics and laboratory technology, we unlock the full potential of mare fertility. Our aim is to elevate your chances of a fruitful conception and a healthy gestation. Broodmares require meticulous attention to detail to maximize their reproductive success.  Our dedicated veterinarians take pride in applying a gold standard approach to all cases.

Charting Future Generations

Horizon Equine’s Tailored Reproduction Packages for Mares

Every equine breeding endeavor should commence with a clear objective in mind. To assist horse owners in realizing their goals, we’ve tailored cost-effective breeding packages designed to oversee every facet of mare reproductive management.

Our Breeding Packages are cycle-based plans designed to enhance the likelihood of a successful, healthy pregnancy, all while offering valuable savings. These packages provide a choice of two options for artificial insemination, for the use of either fresh cooled or frozen semen.

Take that first important step.  Book a pre-breeding examination for your mare at the onset of breeding season.  Our veterinarian will fully evaluate the mare’s reproductive health and collaborate with you to develop the best plan while ensuring the well-being of both the mare and her future foal.

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Mare Cycle Management
Unlimited Rectal & Ultrasound Examinations
Artificial Insemination
14 Day Pregnancy Ultrasound


Intensive Mare Cycle Management
Unlimited Rectal & Ultrasound Examinations
Deep Horn Insemination
Post-Breeding Uterine Lavage
14 Day Pregnancy Ultrasound

Essential Insight

What you need to know

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Can enrolling in a breeding package ensure a pregnancy?

Unfortunately, no. While we’d love to guarantee a pregnancy, it’s impossible to ensure conception on any specific cycle due to various factors.

When does the breeding package start?

Before the breeding package starts, our veterinarian will examine the mare during a pre-breeding examination at the beginning of the breeding season. This examination thoroughly assesses the mare’s reproductive health. If the results are favorable, our vet will work closely with you to establish the most suitable breeding plan for your needs. Purchase of the selected breeding plan then marks the official start of the process.

Are breeding packages refundable in case of unforeseen complications?

In some instances, complications may arise during a breeding cycle, including issues with semen quality, difficulties in obtaining semen, or mare ovulation failures. While our team strives to provide the best service, certain circumstances are beyond our control. Consequently, Breeding Packages are non-refundable once the management of the mare’s estrus cycle has commenced.

Is it possible to keep my mare at home during the breeding package?

Unfortunately, no. Mares participating in the program must be accommodated at our clinic. Please be aware that clinic space is limited, and Breeding Packages are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is the breeding package comprehensive to cover all my mare’s needs for one heat cycle?

The Breeding Package encompasses all standard procedures for managing one estrus cycle in a fertile mare. However, certain mares may necessitate more extensive laboratory diagnostics or subfertility therapy, which are not part of the Breeding Package. Your veterinarian will evaluate your mare on an individual basis, and any additional recommendations will be reviewed and discussed with you.

Where does the 14-Day pregnancy check occur?

The day-14 pregnancy ultrasound examination is included as part of your package. You have the option to bring your mare to the clinic, or we can perform the check at your location. (additional call fee applies)

What's the process for scheduling semen for AI breeding?

Scheduling semen for AI breeding is a crucial and intricate component of a successful breeding plan. Owners should proactively reach out to stallion owners well in advance to establish collection days for fresh AI plans. When it comes to frozen semen, it must be procured and securely stored at Horizon Equine well in advance of commencing the mare’s breeding package. For those requiring assistance with international semen importation and shipping, Horizon Equine offers support (additional fees apply). Planning is vital, as this task is time sensitive.

Will Horizon Equine provide breeding services if I opt not to enroll in a breeding package?

Absolutely! We’re here to assist with your equine reproductive requirements. Mares not enrolled in a Breeding Package will be billed based on our regular per-visit rates rather than a fixed price per cycle.

At Horizon Equine, we are honoured to have two exceptional veterinarians who focus on the intricacies of equine reproduction and fertility.

Dr. Lauren Jeffery BSc, DVM
Brings a wealth of experience and a resolute commitment to precision, making her an indispensable figure in mare breeding. Her experience extends to advanced reproductive techniques, including embryo transfer, pushing the boundaries of equine reproduction.

Dr. Jane Westendorf MSc, DVM
Brings unique insights rooted in reproductive pathology and hands-on experience with problem broodmares, is a vital cornerstone of our team.

Whether you’re a first-time breeder embarking on an exciting journey or an experienced hand in the world of equine reproduction, rest assured that Horizon Equine’s team of exceptional equine veterinarians is your compass on the path to successful breeding.

Schedule a consultation with our reproduction services team (604) 826-5089

Reproduction & Fertility Services

  • Mare breeding soundness examinations
  • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen
  • Embryo transfer
  • Diagnostics and treatment of infertile and sub fertile such as uterine culture, cytology, biopsy and hysteroscopy
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management of pregnant mares
  • Twin reduction
  • Evaluation of high-risk pregnancy and strategies for maintenance of pregnancy
  • Hormonal analysis and manipulation

Foaling Services

  • Pre-foaling preventative health care
  • Neonatal foal examinations
  • Foaling assistance and dystocia management
  • Treatment of post-foaling complications

North American Reach

Precision Semen Storage

In support of our comprehensive reproduction services, Horizon Equine operates a CFIA-certified and compliant equine semen storage, import, and export facility onsite.  We are strategically poised for seamless storage, and distribution of frozen equine semen.

Our commitment spans across borders, delivering the pinnacle of service for clients in Canada and the United States. With meticulous precision, we handle and store equine semen to nurture the foundations of a remarkable breeding program.

Located within an hour of Vancouver’s International Airport, our clinic assures convenient semen deliveries to clients or recipient facilities. We provide comprehensive guidance on the prerequisites for semen import and export.

For our clients, we offer comprehensive coordination for semen storage and international shipping, centralizing these vital processes under one roof. This streamlined approach facilitates the handling of semen in larger quantities, ensuring peace of mind knowing it is stored under optimal conditions.

Our state-of-the-art, self-contained tank room meticulously monitors all tanks storing semen daily, safeguarding your genetic investment for years to come. Each of our liquid nitrogen tanks can house up to 99,000 straws of semen.

Our dedicated Care Coordinator is readily available to assist you with any inquiries regarding the essential documents for import and export. We are here to provide you with peace of mind.

Call (604) 826-5089 to store, import or export semen.

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