Found the horse you can’t live without?

Consider our pre-purchase evaluation – an essential step before acquiring a new horse. This examination provides invaluable insights into the horse’s health and soundness, giving you peace of mind as you make your decision.

Every year, countless horses change hands worldwide. The best way to protect your investment and ensure a harmonious partnership is through a comprehensive pre-purchase examination. This evaluation covers health, neurological, lameness, structure, conformation, and may include radiographic assessments, all aimed at ensuring a lasting bond between you and your new horse.

Call our Care Coordinators to get the process started (604) 826-5089.

Precision Equine Semen Storage

Horizon Equine operates a CFIA-certified and compliant equine semen storage, import, and export facility onsite.  We are strategically poised for seamless storage, and distribution of frozen equine semen.

End of Life