Unpredictable Moments

At Horizon Equine, we are ready to help with those unknown and unforeseen moments that are inevitable with horses. They work hard and play hard, and despite your best planning and attention to care, they can still commonly find a way to need an impromptu vet appointment.

Horizon Equine offers a variety of surgical care for your horse including emergency wound and trauma care, head and skull procedures including sinus and ophthalmic surgery, and varying standing musculoskeletal procedures for limb and back surgery.

Consultation and referral are available for procedures requiring general anesthesia.

Our cryotherapy service and chemotherapy treatments are excellent options for respiratory surgery and management of extensive skin cancer tumors giving your horse the best chance of complete recovery.

While some minor elective surgical procedures can be performed on farms, most surgeries are best performed in our clinic for a clean, climate-controlled environment.

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