Advanced Technology & Diagnostics


Equine Technology & Diagnostics

At Horizon Equine, we employ a range of advanced diagnostic tools and therapies to ensure the health and performance of your horse.

Your horse’s well-being is our priority.  With our leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools, we’re committed to their health and happiness.

Digital Ultrasound

Our primary tool for assessing soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. It’s crucial for diagnosing and monitoring injuries, playing a pivotal role in the success of treatment. We also routinely use ultrasound for reproduction, colic and respiratory evaluations.

Digital Radiology

For evaluating bones, joints, and soft tissues, our X-ray technology provides immediate results, enabling on-the-spot assessments of your horse’s condition.


This invaluable tool offers a clear view of nasal passages and the upper airway, aiding in the evaluation of laryngeal function and the overall health of the respiratory system.


Our gastroscopy services allow us to visualize your horse’s esophagus and stomach, primarily to detect ulcers on the stomach lining. Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome is a prevalent concern, particularly among performance horses and those under the stress of disease.

Shockwave Therapy

Primarily utilized for musculoskeletal issues such as tendon and ligament injuries, arthritis, joint-related injuries, navicular disease, and neck and back pain. Shockwave therapy enhances tissue healing and delivers rapid pain relief.

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