Jenny Howard

Jenny Howard is far more than your typical equestrian enthusiast. A true daughter of the horse country, she was born and raised amidst the rolling pastures of Yarrow, where her lifelong passion for these magnificent creatures began.

In 2017, Jenny proudly earned her Diploma and the prestigious title of ‘Equine Performance Therapist’ from the renowned Kheiron College of Equine Therapy marking the inception of her journey into equine health and wellness.

If you’ve frequented a prominent tack shop in Abbotsford, you may already know Jenny. Her time there, serving the vibrant Equestrian Community of the Lower Mainland, was just one stop on her dynamic career path. Jenny has since found her true calling at Horizon Equine, where she plays a vital role in supporting veterinarians both in the field and within the clinic.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jenny finds solace in the barn with her beloved horses, or in the comforting company of her two faithful dogs. Her passion transcends the stables and spills onto her canvas, where she creates equine-themed paintings and drawings, a testament to her unceasing journey towards artistic horizons.

Jenny is a forward-thinker and a dedicated artist always moving toward new horizons in the world of horses and artistry.