Laura Leitch

Laura’s pathway as an equestrian and in the world of equine care is marked by distinction. With invaluable veterinary assistant experience gained from two prestigious equine clinics, she is uniquely positioned to be a pivotal part of our team. Her commitment extends beyond the ordinary, as she collaborates with an Olympic-level rider, aligning herself with equestrian excellence.

In addition to her role in supporting our veterinarians, Laura demonstrates unwavering dedication in maintaining our laboratory equipment and diligently tracking inventory expiration dates. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest standard of care for our equine patients.

As a long-time rider with a passion for Arabian horses, Laura brings a wealth of equestrian experience to our practice. Her journey in the saddle includes active competition, with a focus on eventing up to the preliminary level in both Western Canada and the USA. Laura’s dedication and vision make her an integral part of our forward-thinking team, propelling us towards new horizons in equine health and performance.