Livia Toews

Livia’s horsemanship journey unfolds against the backdrop of diverse experiences, starting as a jump crew member at Thunderbird Show Park and serving as a stable hand at both Sonlight Training Center and Number Seven Ranch. Her earlier role as a groom at Fairway Farms further enriches her equestrian background. Beyond the experience gained at these stables, Livia has ventured into the realm of veterinary assistance, providing invaluable support to veterinary practitioners.

However, Livia’s commitment to animal welfare stretches far beyond the visible horizons of traditional equestrian pursuits. This dedication became unmistakable during the Sumas Prairie flood, where she played a central role at Heritage Park. Her volunteer efforts included evacuating horses, aiding distressed owners, and orchestrating a network of volunteers. Even for those owners unable to access their horses at Heritage Park, Livia ensured their equine companions were tended to with care – watered, cleaned, and fed.

In addition to her profound connection with horses, Livia’s commitment extends to therapeutic horizons. Her love for riding and exercising her horse is complemented by a decade of lessons and training various horses. Notably, she volunteered at a horse therapy facility, where troubled youth and abused children find solace and learn to trust again through equine companionship.

The expansiveness of Livia’s skill set extends beyond the equestrian horizons. Holding a national lifeguard certification, she demonstrates a readiness to dive into challenges beyond the stables. Moreover, her proficiency in crafting the perfect ice cream cone, honed at Mighty Moose, adds a delightful and unexpected flavor to her diverse repertoire.