Rachel Mitchell

Rachel’s roots in Abbotsford, BC, fostered her passion for horses from a young age. Her formative years were spent nurturing her equine love, often found riding and building connections with friends’ horses. However, her professional journey initially took her down a different path.

Rachel embarked on her veterinary career as an Assistant in a small animal hospital, and later transitioned into the realm of human medicine, where she served as a Unit Clerk. Yet, the call of caring for animals, particularly horses, never faded. She often pondered the possibility of merging her medical experience with her equestrian affection.

This contemplation led to her current role with the Horizon Equine team, where she has found her calling in marrying her medical expertise with her unwavering love for horses. Rachel’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill development underscores her dedication to equine medicine, and she thrives on continuous learning.

In her free time, Rachel is with her husband and busy son. The great outdoors beckon this family, whether it’s exploring nature or hiking. Rachel has an artistic passion for drawing. Beyond that, she embraces the strength-building experience of lifting weights at the gym.

Aside from the people she works with, Rachel’s favorite component of her work is the kinship forged with horses.