Amber Howard

Amber’s journey started in the tranquil landscapes of Yarrow, BC, where she grew up on a small hobby farm. Her love for animals, horses in particular, has always held a special place in her heart. With over seven years of customer service experience, Amber is known for her unique kindness and warmth to serving people and brightening their days.

As a Care Coordinator at Horizon Equine, Amber is enthusiastic about translating her years of service expertise into meaningful relationships with our clients. She is committed to ensuring that each interaction is characterized by exceptional care and support.

Amber plays a pivotal role in the coordination of reproduction services, working closely with Drs. Lauren and Jane. Her responsibilities include the scheduling of mares and the management of our Equine Semen Storage services, which includes import and export compliance, while ensuring smooth and efficient processes for our valued clients.

Outside of her professional life, Amber finds joy in the company of her pets at home, explores the beauty of nature through hiking, and expresses her creative side through painting. Amber brings her kind heart and exceptional customer care to her role at Horizon Equine.