Erin Barnes

For over two decades, Erin has been a devoted horse owner and a formidable competitive rider, boasting a successful track record in both the hunters and jumpers. Born and raised in Vancouver, Erin’s roots in the equestrian community run deep having begun at Southlands.

While her life is filled with the joys of raising young children, Erin has always carved out precious moments for her four-legged companions. Her professional path, prior to joining our team, led her to a role as a legal administrative assistant. When the opportunity arose to blend her legal background with her equestrian passion, Erin eagerly seized it and assumed the role of office manager at a prestigious equine clinic in Langley.

At Horizon Equine, Erin wears many hats. She excels in coordinating our team’s schedules, nurturing critical relationships with our suppliers, and managing our inventory. Her expertise and efficiency are integral to the smooth operation of our Welcome Center.

Erin embodies the fusion of her equestrian passion and professional excellence, making her an indispensable part of the Horizon Equine team.