Leanne From

Leanne’s story has deep connections to Langley, where her family’s passion for horses has been a cherished tradition “for as long as she can remember.” Her upbringing instilled a profound connection to these magnificent animals, which she has carried into her professional life.

Before joining Horizon Equine, Leanne dedicated almost three years to a Thoroughbred Breeding and Training facility. It was here that she honed her skills and gained invaluable experience. In her quest for continuous improvement, she furthered her education by completing an Administrative & Accounting course at college. This knowledge now serves her well in her current role as a vital member of our team.

Leanne’s responsibilities encompass coordinating expenses and managing relationships with our various suppliers, tasks she performs with meticulous attention to detail. Her proactive approach extends to reaching out to our valued clients, ensuring they never miss an upcoming appointment.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Leanne finds joy in her family, spending quality time with her young son, and sharing playful moments with her lovable French bulldog. Leanne From embodies her family thoroughbred legacy, making her an integral part of Horizon Equine and a cornerstone of our commitment to excellent equine care.