Dr. Jane Westendorf


Dr. Jane Westendorf’s journey through the world of veterinary medicine has been shaped by her deep-rooted connection to horses and the vast landscapes of Mission, BC. Her formative years were spent exploring local trails, participating in Mission Horse Club shows, and fostering a profound love for equestrian pursuits.

With a solid academic foundation, Dr. Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University in 2016, setting the stage for her future endeavors. In 2020, she ventured to the prairies to attain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). Her quest for knowledge didn’t stop there, as she pursued a Master of Science in equine reproductive pathology in 2021. This commitment to continuous learning signifies her relentless pursuit of expanding horizons in equine medicine.

Dr. Jane’s professional journey continued with an equine internship in Calgary, Alberta, where she honed her skills in surgery, internal medicine, lameness, reproduction, and emergency equine medicine at a renowned equine facility. Her return home in 2022, alongside her spouse Elliot and their cat Rogue, led her to Aldergrove, where she embarked on her practice in equine medicine in the Fraser Valley.

You might catch a glimpse of Dr. Jane’s English Cocker Spaniel, Tula, accompanying her on her veterinary rounds, signifying her commitment to her work and the close companionship of her four-legged friends.

Dr. Jane’s specializations in equine reproduction and sports medicine represent her horizon-expanding approach in her profession. Outside the clinic, she’s an active and adventurous individual. Whether on the volleyball court, walking Tula, hitting the ski slopes, or engaging in the delightful challenge of teaching her palomino gelding, Levi, to bow, Dr. Jane continues to embrace life’s many horizons with enthusiasm and a thirst for new experiences.